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“With regard to the services we received while our sister was in the Summit, we felt very fortunate to have chosen the services of Hospice of the Hills. We had several occasions to witness how well they related to the patient and they were just wonderful especially during her final moments. We would highly recommend them over any of the other services offered.”

Margaret and Jim Myers

“It is hard to express our gratitude to this amazing team and how they cared for us! Having Hospice of the Hills involved with our recent loss was a huge blessing! The team helped to calm the fear of dying by walking us through this very natural end of life process. When we were faced with another declining parent the next month there was no doubt who we wanted to talk through this with.”

Bob and Cathy Fuller Lakeway

“Dear Debbie & Rodney,

Your nurses and care givers provided a level of service that was so very caring and compassionate under extremely difficult times. We felt like they all went above and beyond the call of duty. They were so very compassionate and loving to the whole family. Your attention to the needs of both of our fathers during these times made this process easier than we expected. Thank you,”

Tom and Vicki Volick


I will tell you that Beverly McCune was so precious in the harp playing. That was such a wonderful gift! I will always remember this gift. We had only wonderful memories of your staff coming to help us- I have recommended to so many people how wonderful you were to my husband. Love and blessings to you all.”

Linda J. Cox

Dear Melissa,

“There aren’t enough words to tell you how much I appreciate all of the love, kindness and caring you gave to my grandmother. She always looked forward to seeing you and I know she loves you and appreciates all you did for her. May God always bless you and multiply all the love you give to others.”

Love, Annette

“To the wonderful staff at Hospice of the Hills:

You brought us great comfort during Barbara’s final months… we can’t thank you enough for everything you did. You’ll be in our hearts, always.”

Family of Barbara Caraway

“Dear Debbie:

It’s rare for an organization to have so many outstanding employees, but every single person we met did a fantastic job… And Beverly, the harpist, how very helpful that was. I was doubtful about that, but it truly was a turning point for us all. And I think it helped Ben to let go and relax. I’m not sure how we would have gotten through this without everyone at Hospice of the Hills…I truly do not. Your help was invaluable and we are so very grateful to you all. SO we are telling everyone we know what a fantastic organization you have. My thanks again to everyone we met.”

Most sincerely, Carolyn Ellis

“Dear Debbie and Rodney,

Paul and I want to thank you and the wonderful caring angels you have at Hospice of the Hills. I did not have any idea what kind of care you and your family provided. When I cried they cried and comforted me but they also laughed with me as well. I had never seen death of a loved one that wasn’t an accident up close. You all are a very wonderful family and I thank you so very much.”

Love, Connie and Paul Brady

“To the staff, We want to extend our sincere gratitude to all of you who helped care for my mom, Bernice Morton. Your caring words and kindness helped all of us during a truly difficult period. You are truly angels on the earth!

Thank you for everything.”

Nancy Pickford and family

“Dear Hospice of the Hills Staff,

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the wonderful care your staff gave to LaNell Edwards during the last month of her life. Everyone was compassionate, loving, and did a tremendous job in taking of her and meeting her needs. I especially want to mention Nanci Moon, RN and the gentle way she treated LaNell and the wonderful way she interacted with Mr. Edwards’ family and family friends. She was simply wonderful and helped make the entire “end of life” process so much bearable. I am so grateful for all your efforts where LaNell was concerned. She was my “Texas Mother” and I will miss her everyday of my life. God Bless.”

So Very Grateful, Donna Kumar

“Thank you for the wonderful way you cared for my wife Cheryl and me during her last time with us. Everyone with your organization was so good to work with, and I wanted to extend a special appreciation to those who worked closest with us and really loved on Cheryl – Nanci, Melissa, and Kayleigh. This has been a very difficult season for our family, but your care and compassion helped us along.”

Stephen Fain

“If you find that your family is in need of a caring, wonderful hospice, then look no further than Hospice of the Hills. Our family can give the highest of praise for everyone at Hospice of the Hills. They are knowledgeable, caring, supportive and loving. The staff at Hospice of the Hills (512-614-2851) considered the patient and family needs at all times. They worked hard to accommodate the wishes of all the family members. They explained the process and helped us to better understand what our loved one was going through. Our family, including the patient felt that Hospice of the Hills was a wonderful blessing to us.” Michael and Andrea Standish

“Dear Hospice of the Hills,

Thanks so much for all the care you gave to Mike and me during such a trying time. I especially want to thank Nanci Moon for her care and being there when we needed her. She’s so special. Debbie you ‘re so special, too.”

Love, Pat Stone

“Thank you hospice for four weeks of service. Your staff and consideration on all fronts were professional and greatly appreciated. God bless you and thanks again.”

Bert Whittlesey

“Dear Friends,

The appreciation we feel is beyond what words can describe. Your gentle, loving care for our mother in her final three days will be forever engraved in our hearts. With love and appreciation,”

Susan Rose, Kathy Lee, and the entire Betty Nutt family

“Where to start-

Thank you so much for the loving care you gave mom her last days here, we couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you for the beautiful flowers you sent to her service and for the swan with the single yellow rose. We were so blessed to have you all in our lives during this difficult time.”

Rex Bennett and family

“Our thanks to you all for your loving care and support.”

Carole Wood

“Thank you for the beautiful flowers. We appreciate the wonderful care you gave my mom. Nanci was such a great nurse to my mom and helped our family through a difficult time.”

Thank you,

The Benoit’s

“Amazing crew at Hospice of the Hills, Thank you so much for the care and love you gave Jerry and our family. In a tremendously difficult year, you gave us calm and peace. Know that we love and appreciate you all.”

Love and Blessings,

The Crouchs

“We had not experienced anyone receiving Hospice care before, but now we know well how valuable and loving your service is.”

Carl and Susie Johnson

“You were there for me and my family. We were in such need of your compassion, your kindness, and your love. You answered our prayers.”

Betty Moderhack

“It is fortunate to have this professional group in our community. We chose Hospice of the Hills. We never regretted it. I highly recommend Hospice of the Hills to anyone to choose a hospice group to care for a loved one. They truly helped us through a very difficult time.”

Darlene Marcum

“There was not a single weak spot in the overall care provided by Hospice of the Hills.

The nurses were as compassionate as competent. They answered every question; they made sure I was trained and equipped to care for my wife, anticipated most of the situations I would face and quickly returned calls, or came to the house when I needed them. The young lady who bathed my wife and changed her sheets was an angel.”

George Chafee

“I had the opportunity to have been present at a presentation by Debbie and Rodney Gamble, the owners of Hospice of the Hills. It was, therefore, an easy decision as to who to call, but I never would have imagined that anyone or any organization as a whole could give such professional, thorough, and compassionate care. When you need hospice care for your loved one, we unequivocally recommend Hospice of the Hills.”

Dee & Don Paczkowski

“The incredible job this group did include:

• Take charge nurses that made sure Mother received the best care. • A minister on call to pray with us. • Making all the arrangements with the out of town funeral home. • Continuing calls to check on my husband and I and books to offer grief support.

The founders, Debbie and Rodney Gamble, are residents of the Hills and members of The Lakeway Church. We are very fortunate to have this competent, professional and caring group in our city.”

Joyce Johntz

“It was a difficult journey, but my experience with Hospice of the Hills confirmed that hospice care in theory is a very powerful support, but the human element and the very compassionate individuals that carry out that service make a difference and compel me to share my appreciation.”

Nancy Pearce

“We thank you for the creation of your amazing hospice with the godly underpinning that pervaded all the care, for the top rate services provided by all the nurses, aides and the other support staff members, for going above and beyond (beautiful harp vigil!!) in so many instances, and the love that shined throughout at all times.”

The Wertz Family

“At every turn, our questions were answered, our needs were anticipated and aspects of the next step in the process were explained. Just the right person from the hospice would turn up on our doorstep with supplies, medications, or ready to simply listen to our concerns or pray with us. In every aspect of hospice care, we cannot imagine a better source than Hospice of the Hills. If caring for a loved one at the end of life’s journey is needed, we highly recommend that you contact Hospice of the Hills.”

Susan Olrich

“I want to share with all of you a wonderful hospice provider here in Lakeway. I worked with Hospice of the Hills recently and they were fantastic! Hospice care is so important and these people really cared about the family they were working with. They were so helpful, knowledgeable, and easy to contact. I called them on a Sunday and they spoke with me on their cell phones for an hour. They are also locally owned.”

Bridget Daehler

“Thank you so much for the beautiful rose and the sweet card- everyone was so incredibly kind to us- and dad and I really appreciated your help and support. You all will forever have a special place in my heart.”

Alicia Itria

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