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Hospice of the Hills – Passionate about Heartfelt Hospice Care


“Our mission is to provide the terminally ill patient and their families with heartfelt support and care in meeting their physical, emotional and spiritual needs with compassion, dignity and grace. Our belief is that people are best served by retaining freedom and dignity so they may live their life to the fullest until life’s end. We are committed to providing this comfort and care with the highest level of ethical standards and impeccable integrity using a comprehensive and competent team approach.”

You will encounter dedication and passion in every Hospice of the Hills professional. Its founders Rodney and Debbie Gamble created Hospice of the Hills after their own hospice care experiences and committed to assembling a team who shared their mission. Motivated by both exceptional and distressing hospice care for their mothers, they’re fervently committed to ensuring everyone receives a respectful and caring end-of-life experience.

The Hospice of the Hills team has over 100 years of combined hospice experience.  Our patients and their families can be confident in knowing they are receiving the best possible care. Both professional and personal hospice practice is what drives our team’s commitment to providing care that meets the physical, medical, emotional and spiritual needs of our patients. It also fuels their commitment to educate the community about their rights regarding hospice. Hospice of the Hills is dedicated to the patient and their rights, desiring every patient and their family to know they have the right to the hospice agency of their choice, just like they have the choice to continue aggressive treatment for a cure or the path of palliative care with hospice.


Desiring loved ones and families to experience the blessings of hospice care, Hospice of the Hills is dedicated to superior compassionate care through our core values:

Commitment: We are committed to compassionate care with grace and dignity so our patients have quality-of-life surrounded by loved ones.

Passion: Through our own personal experiences, we are passionate about ensuring everyone receives respectful, stress-free hospice care.

Respect: We provide heartfelt support and care to our patients and families as if our own.

Service Excellence: We are dedicated to respecting the desires and needs of our patients and families.

Community: We are a team of local professionals who understand it’s more than a location, but a team working together towards a unified goal.

Integrity: We guarantee impeccable integrity through the highest level of ethical standards.

Accountability: We are licensed, and adhere to all state and federal regulations.

Quality: We provide high-quality care with exceptional medical equipment and professional expertise.